Zee keralam saregamapa 25may

If you missed watching this episode, you can catch it here. Scroll below to read the rest of the story. The show opened with anchor Jeeva introducing actress Bhavana and then inviting her on stage. Bhavana politely declined. She said that had the request been for her to dance, she may have still been able to manage a few steps. But singing, she absolutely could not oblige, she added. But Jeeva continued to request her to sing atleast two lines and Bhavana stated that she did not like being pressured like this.

Even as Jeeva tried to comprehend what exactly happened, he got chided by the judges for putting undue pressure on a guest and making her uncomfortable. A couple of other crew members also chastised Jeeva for his behaviour. Jeeva was told by everyone that it is his job to apologise to her and convince her to return so that the show could resume. A stunned Jeeva walks into her dressing room to apologise and horrified at what he has done, he starts crying.

Bhavana walks back onto the stage with Jeeva still having tears in his eyes. Everyone is shocked to see the cheerful Jeeva crying. At that point, Bhavana confesses that this was all a prank, staged by her close friend Shilpa Bala, who also worked on the show, behind the scenes.

zee keralam saregamapa 25may

It turned out that everyone from the judges, the crew to the producers were part of the prank. Merin stunned everybody with her utter concentration while singing. Home Popular Shows. Share Tweet Copy tumblr Pinterest Whatsapp.

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TAGS bhavana gopi sundar sa re ga ma pa keralam sa re ga ma pa keralam judge Shaan Rahman singer sujatha zee keralam tv show. More like this:. You May Also Like This.On the semi-final episode of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam, Jeeva invited eliminated contestant Punya Pradeep back on the show and announced the vacant sixth seat selection through audience vote. Jeeva called music director Alphonse Joseph as the special guest on the show.

Sujatha Mohan explained how the marking system will be based on the best performance from the two singers and the contestant with the highest score will win the round. Kannur Shareef pointed out several mistakes from Bharath and Jasim in the performance but appreciated the overall rendition of the hit song. Jasim scored 98 marks and won the challenge while Bharat waits for the second performance with 96 marks.

Jeeva invited music director Alphonse Joseph to sing his hit song Aaromale on the show. After the rocking performance from Alphonse, Jeeva called Shwetha and Narayani for the second performance in the semi-finals with the superhit song Angoopangam from the movie Devasuram.

zee keralam saregamapa 25may

Kannur Shareef explained how he noticed minor pitch problems from the contestants and commented on how Narayani lacked confidence in the performance. Sujatha Mohan explained how the contestants constantly challenged each other throughout the performance.

Narayani scored Alphonse Joseph praised the rocking performance from the contestant. Shaan Rahman praised the amazing vibe the contestant brought through the performance.

Sreejish scored 95 marks for his performance while Akbar won the round with With one more round of Duet Challenge Performance left for all contestants, who will move forward to the Grand Finale? Stay tuned to find out! Home Popular Shows. Share Tweet Copy tumblr Pinterest Whatsapp. Watch it here:. TAGS sa re ga ma keralam singers sa re ga ma pa keralam sa re ga ma pa keralam contestants sa re ga ma pa keralam judge sa re ga ma pa keralam jury Written update.

More like this:. You May Also Like This.Subramanyam tells Jhansi how miserable he feels in the absence of his wife. Meanwhile, Subbalakshmi manages to convince the families of the couple. Will he be able to succeed in his mission? Will she forgive him? In the sixth episode of Postman, John visits the ashram where his father used to stay.

The caretaker informs why his father abandoned him. Sumangali Bhava am. Super Bumper am.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam 21 March 2020 Update: Duet Challenge Performances Rock Semi Finals

Boeing Boeing pm. Thumbaa pm. Super Bumper pm. Funny Nights With Pearle Maaney pm.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam - Saturday, Sunday @ 8:30PM - Zee Keralam

Thenali Raman pm. Children's Park pm. Bairavaa am. Funny Nights With Pearle Maaney am. Boeing Boeing am.

zee keralam saregamapa 25may

Sathya Enna Penkutty am. Sumangali Bhava. See full Schedule. Are you a fan of games and don't know what to do during this isolation period? Watch some of the best games played by participants on the show!The singing reality show will host the Grand Finale episode. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is heading towards the finale episode. The Maker of the show will announce the winner of the show soon.

The singing titleholder will be announced in the Grand finale episode.

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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam winner name will be available on this website soon after the official confirmation from the sources. The updates of the date will be available on this website soon after the official confirmation from the sources. The stars mentor all the contestants in a way where they can mold their future.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa is the popular singing show. The show was earlier in the Hindi language. After the popularity of the show makers decided to launch it in various regional languages. You can catch up with the show on Zee Keralam or on the Zee5 app. You can download the app on your android devices from the Google Play store.

IOS devices download the app from the Apple Store. Subscribe to our mailing list and get latest auditions new and tv show to your email inbox. Zee Keralam. Get more Auditions News Subscribe to our mailing list and get latest auditions new and tv show to your email inbox.The singing unscripted tv show will hit TV screens very soon. It is profoundly envisioned and fans are truly anticipating watch the show.

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Its popular show has available every year. Last year also audition done successfully. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa has set exclusive expectations for each singing unscripted tv appear, there is no uncertainty that the up and coming show will engage and will highlight the best ability of the district. Judges Names — Gopi Sundar and Sujata Mohan will judge the season where talented personnel will perform their songs only in the Malayalam language. The television program will communicate on the recently propelled station zee Keralam.

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SaReGaMaPa Li’l Champs 8 March 2020 Update: Bobby Verma Wins Hearts With Chaiyya Chaiyya!

Find the best casting and auditions information for movies, TV shows, modeling plays, and more. March 30, Mannu - March 5, Mannu - July 14, 2.As she is going out, she thinks to herself that Suhasini has ruined her life and so she will seek revenge at some point in time. A mulya and Vedanth are standing together. Amulya just looks at Vedanth and smiles to herself.

He also tells her that she is the main reason why everything succeeded and why the two got married. In the next episode, Aarthi performs all the rituals that are required to be performed and enters the house.

Everyone is delighted to have Aarthi as their newest member of the house. Amulya, too, has come to help her sister out.

Mrs. Subbalakshmi Episode 8 Written Update: Subbalakshmi Gets Kidnapped

Later that day, Vedanth comes to the kitchen to talk to Amulya who is making other arrangements. He indirectly asks if she meant it when she confessed her love to him. Amulya pretends to choke on the water while thinking to herself why he asked this question. Suhasini, on the other hand, mentally welcomes Aarthi into hell. Home Popular Shows. Share Tweet Copy tumblr Pinterest Whatsapp. Don't Miss. TAGS amulya gattimela nisha ravikrishnan rakshit Vedanth.

Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Keralam: Actress Bhavana Makes Show Host Jeeva Cry

More like this:. You May Also Like This.While reality shows have a tendency to stretch the entire elimination process into a huge drama with a lot of emotional hype throughout, SaReGaMaPa on Zee Keralam handled the elimination with a lot of grace and poise.

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The elimination started off with a statement that all the contestants would always remain family and that the elimination process was just a formality which had to be done for the sake of the show. No unnecessary tears were shed and no dramatic sequences were played out.

Adding to the same, he said that on the basis of marks, two contestants were to be eliminated. One of the eliminated contestants Sruthy gave a very positive speech about how she had met like-minded souls on the show whose world was music. Admitting that she had initially wanted to keep a distance with her fellow competitors, she went on to state that she managed to forge really good friendships during her time in SaReGaMaPa.

Judge Gopi Sundar stated that he was happy that they were now part of a bigger stage, the actual music industry. Wrapping up one of the surprisingly positive elimination episodes, SaReGaMaPaKeralam received multiple positive comments in their official Facebook handleabout how the show had dealt with the elimination gracefully without exploiting the emotions of the contestants.

SaReGaMaPa Keralam currently has 13 contestants who have been with the show since the launch phase and 1 wild card contestant who gained entry by matching up to the scores of one of the existing contestants. Leave A Reply Cancel Reply. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Read about tv serials telecast timing on popular channels.

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