Engine dyno tuning near me

Readily Supported Tuning Systems.

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Call for pricing on your application. Call for pricing on application. Not limited to these tuning systems and vehicles Come watch the biggest drag racing event of the year! Stock block gen3 5. HP logo. Oscar's 81mm Corn Fed B series on the dyno tonight shuetuning shuetuned backyardcartel. BMW s54 tecgt electromotive shuetuning shuetuned.

Engine Building - Dyno Testing, Setup, Tuning, How To Select a Dyno Shop

Evan's Super Clean K20 turbo car back on the dyno tonight to tweak torque and power a bit for better. K24 on the dyno last night shuetuning shuetuned kpro k24 superflowdyno.

Jesse's zx in for a tune tonight zx pump nistune torque shuetuned shuetuning. Steven's extremely clean turbo EF on the dyno earlier this week shuetuning shuetuned cornfuel e7. Turbo Frontier back on the dyno with a fixed clutch frontier ka24 turbo shuetuned shuetuning h. Now we are moving on the 24s shuetuning shuetuned 24s rubberbandtires ms3pro.

Andrew's 5. Big Wheels and Big Power lsturbo cornfed. S action. Mike running a PB today shuetuning shuetuned h2b holsethx52 corn.

Miguel's super clean turbo si on the dyno last week shuetuning shuetuned flashpro gt30r k20turb.With over fourteen years of experience in engine tuning, we specialize in calibration of performance vehicles and offer a wide variety of tuning solutions. With services including full engine builds, performance parts and installation, track prep, and preventative maintenance, we truly are a one stop shop for all your automotive and performance needs! Alex is the Owner and tuner here at GSD.

With over fourteen years of experience in engine tuning, he specializes in the calibration of performance vehicles. Alex started out tuning his own vehicles, and eventually expanded to freelance tuning. In his free time he can be found at the lake on his boat, with friends and family, and at local car events. Alex is the driving force behind GSD and motivates his team to excel in every endeavor; he is the true backbone of the GSD team.

engine dyno tuning near me

Rick is our in house welder and fabricator. His passion for automotive began five years ago with the purchase of his first Nissan sx, and he currently owns an sr20det powered Nissan sx.

Rick began welding at home by saving up for his own welding equipment and practicing on anything he could find to hone his skills and learn the craft. In his free time Rick enjoys dirt biking, working on his car, and spending time with family and friends. With a keen eye, and attention to detail, Rick ensures each fabrication project not only meets but exceeds the standard, constantly striving to perfect and improve his skills.

With over fifteen years of experience, Josh is our auto body and custom paint specialist. If you attend any local cruise nights, you may have seen one of his many masterpieces, perhaps even his own split bumper z Josh has an extensive background in classics and muscle cars, and enjoys transforming and working on anything from domestics to imports. In his free time he enjoys attending local car events, camping, and spending time with family.

With his level of skill and attention to detail, he can put the finishing touches on any custom project or build. Chris has been into cars most of his life. His family is his support network and his reason to excel at everything he does. Scott started racing Pro Carts when he was 15 years old and after high school, he went to a trade school to learn to be a machinist.

When he left the carting scene, he joined the IASCA car audio craze and he would spend his off hours at a local car audio shop learning. He was very much part of the night scene in Manchester, cruising the famous Elm Street back starting in From there, he landed myself a position at another car audio shop and performance shop, where he did everything you could think of — except engine building and Fabrication which is where he wanted to be.

After having built a whp civic inthen a Supercharged S inhe decided it was time to do his own thing. Inhe started Ballistic Motorsports. His shop became very well-known nationwide, especially for their work with Honda S and Nissan Z. They had full featured cars in many of the most popular import magazines, including the cover of Turbo and Performance.Straightline Performance is a leader in the aftermarket powersports performance and manufacturing with over 40 combined years of extensive experience at the facility.

Certifications in Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha are just some of our dyno tuners certifications. Now offering the use of our newly remodeled dyno cell for all powersports tuning.

Capable of horsepower of over at the crankshaft. This the same dyno used by many of the OEMs for engine and durability testing. The engine dyno uses a drive on and off lb hydraulic lift to support your machine up to the dyno.

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No need to pull the engine, at Straightline we can dyno in chassis or out. We offer Dyno tuning by the hour. Most mapping can be done in four hours or less, but varies based on the number of tuning variables and how the machine responds to tuning changes.

Additional labor cost may be incurred if parts installation is required. Graphs will be printed for a before and after comparison. History Straightline Performance is a leader in the aftermarket powersports performance and manufacturing with over 40 combined years of extensive experience at the facility.

Dyno Testing and Tuning

Dyno Pricing We offer Dyno tuning by the hour.Also includes boost and air-fuel ratio printouts. Shop rates and special and club rates are available. Are you a tuner? If so, contact us for special rates and incentives. Dyno Day benefits include: Exclusive use of our dyno for your group all day! A BBQ lunch for you and those signed up for the day. A discounted rate for you and your guests A printout showing HP, torque, and air-fuel ratio. If you are interested in setting up a dyno, here are the basics.

Dyno Days require a minimum of 10 cars and typically a maximum of 20 cars. If more than 20 vehicles are signed up for the event, we recommend keeping a stand-by list. Organizing any event takes a large amount of time and effort. Therefore, if 15 or more cars dyno for the event, the organizer of the event dynos for free! The organizer of the event is responsible for putting together the schedule and working with ESP throughout the event.

We will guide you through the process.

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Please contact us for available Dyno Day dates. Consider planning an event with another club. Home Dyno. ESP Quick links. Contact Details.

engine dyno tuning near me

Horsepower Pulls. Self Tune. Tuning Cost. Tuning basemap installed. Full setup of system, including dyno tuning, street tuning, startup maps, etc. Carburetor Tuning. Street Tuning. Set timing curve, adjust idle circuit, jetting, pump shot, etc.If you are looking for the best performance out of your vehicle, Dynotuning in Rohnert Park, CA is the place for you.

Established inwe've since been providing our friends and neighbors from all over the state of California with high-quality performance tuning services.

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We have a team of dyno specialists that utilize the latest tuning products and tools when they are working your vehicle. We primarily tune domestic vehicles; fuel injected and carburetted on our Dynojet H with Dynoware RT software. We also specialize in EFI conversions and tuning a wide variety of aftermarket fuel injection systems. Additionally, we tune a wide variety of different carburetors from a single barrel OE style to CFM dominators and everything in between.

We are constantly staying up to date with modern technology and are always adapting to the ever-changing aftermarket industry. We only use the best aftermarket parts available. We are here to meet the needs of our customers whether it be converting your vehicle from a carburetor to fuel injection or tuning on the most modern and technologically advanced vehicles. Give us a call or visit our clean and professional shop in Rohnert Park, CA.

We look forward to earning your trust as a friendly, honest, and reliable shop for your performance tuning needs! Learn More. Our goal is to provide both superior customer Service and value. We love helping our customers dreams and visions come true. Please use our Contact Us page to send us a message or give us a call to discuss your project or needs. Coupon valid for baseline or tuning.

Must mention offer at time of booking.


Must present coupon at checkout. First-time customers only. Not valid with any other promotions. Redeem Now.It is important to have all mechanical work done before scheduling a full tune.

This way your vehicle is in prime condition to receive maximum results. This is only required for full tune appointments. Remember, the more information we have about your vehicle, the better.

A full tune is for vehicles that have undergone performance upgrades such as; a camshaft swap, long tube headers and exhaust, Cold-air intake kit, or any kind of forced induction. This process entails strapping the vehicle down on the chassis dyno to tune and optimize the performance for that configuration, followed by street driving for a complete and thorough calibration. A dyno graph printout will be provided after the service showing the horsepower and torque values of the final product.

NHRA - National Hot Rod Association

A re-flash sometimes referred to as a "Street Tune" or "Parking Lot Tune" is for vehicles with little to no performance modifications and does not require any time on the chassis dyno. By plugging into the engine computer, adjustments can be made to the OEM files.

engine dyno tuning near me

These adjustments include modifying shift points or speed limiters, correcting the speedometer for a new gear ratio, or turning off check engine light warnings. As with a full tune, a street test drive is then performed to verify that changes made are functional and appropriate.

When additional performance upgrades are installed any time after a HPT full tune, a re-tune is required to return the vehicle to it's optimum performance level. HPT will make those adjustments to the original tune as part of ongoing support. We will provide assistance with running the car on the dyno as well as show you your air-fuel ratio as you make changes. Once done, you will receive printouts of your power and torque values.

Dyno Pulls are simply a run on the chassis dyno to provide horsepower and torque measurement. This does not involve any tuning, and is available for any two wheel drive vehicle.

Customer Dyno Sheet. Full Dyno Tune. Dyno Time - By the Hour. Dyno Time - Two Pulls.Every car is different. A dyno tune ensures that your car runs at optimum performance levels. When engine efficiency is maximized fuel consumption during cruise is optimized and horsepower during full throttle operation is increased to its full potential.

Your car is driven onto our dyno and hooked up to a laptop via the ODB port under the steering wheel.

Taking Your Engine to a Dyno Facility The First Time

We run a few passes to get a base line reading. Tampa, FL Phone: Rokket is an all around awesome guy. Have been there multiple times and they always strive to give you the best experience possible.

Great staff and very clean shop. Also very detailed outline of service and explanation of why service is needed.

Demitre Girod September 30, The Engine Lab did an excellent job rebuilding the busted engine in my truck. I brought it here after receiving poor customer service and an unclear analysis from the Ford dealership. Right away Rokket was able to tell me exactly what was wrong with my motor and what needed to be done to fix it. Casey Bean December 9, I wanted to take a minute to let everyone at Engine Lab of Tampa know how impressed my wife and I are with your shop.

When I first saw the inside of the shop and how clean and organized the rebuild room was, I knew I chose the right shop. As you well know, you. The shop was immaculate and my car has never ran this great.

Richard Scott December 9, Rokket at engine lab is the best.

engine dyno tuning near me

Without any hesitation he gave me a full tour of the shop lab and equipment. Which made me feel more assured of their work. Very very very very clean shop. I had my Impala towed there with every intention on replacing the engine. But after the car has. Tony Miller September 30, New Location!! Engine trouble? See Tampa Bay's premier engine experts! From this Engine detailing - Make your engine shine! Learn about our 4 wheel Dyno Tuning.

Home of Rokket Racing. Dyno Testing and Tuning Every car is different.